Sileatehr丨当我们谈论皮革的时候 我们都在谈论什么

当我们谈论皮革的时候 我们都在谈论什么呢?

不管是Sileather, PU 还是 PVC,其测试的标准都是一致的,以下这些是来自美国的行业标准。


The properties measured include:


Adhesion: How much force is required to separate the chemical coating from the base substrate? A universal tester, such as an Instron unit, is used to determine the force required to peel the coating from the fabric


Cold Crack: Is the fabric strong enough to resist cracking when bent or folded at low temperatures? A low temperature apparatus is used for this test.


Flex: When the fabric is flexed and twisted, does the fabric maintain its surface appearance or is there cracking, crazing or delamination? This test method employs a Flex-O-Test machine (formerly known as a Newark Flex Tester).

弯曲:当织物弯曲和扭曲时,织物是否保持其表面外观或是否有开裂,裂纹或分层。 该测试使用的是Flex-O-Test机器(以前称为纽瓦克弯曲试验机)。

Seam Strength: Does the fabric resist seam tearing? The sample is pressed onto a needle board and pulled on a universal tester for this test.


Tear Strength: How much force is required to tear the fabric? A universal tester is used to measure this property

撕裂强度:用于测试撕裂织物需要多大的力, 用通用测试仪测试。

Tensile Strength: How much force is required to break the fabric? A machine consisting of a straining mechanism, holding clamps and load recording mechanism can be used for this test. Tensile strength is also measured using a Universal Testing Machine



To measure the film or coated fabric's ability to perform under the anticipated conditions of commercial use, test methods also assess the following properties.


Abrasion: How resistant is the coated fabric to damage when rubbed by an abradent such as a coarse woven fabric? The Wyzenbeek Abrader is used for this test.


Blocking: Will the coated fabric become tacky at elevated temperatures and stick face to face when subjected to heat and pressure? A forced air laboratory oven is used for this test.

黏连性:涂层织物在高温下会变粘,在受热和受压时会面对面粘合吗。 该测试用的是强制通风实验室烤箱。

Crocking: Will color transfer from a coated fabric to another surface? A white cotton swatch, mounted on an AATCC-approved Crockmeter, is rubbed across the specimen and examined for any color transfer.

摩擦色:颜色是否会从涂层织物转移到另一个表面吗。 用AATCC认可的摩擦脱色评估仪上的白色棉布,在样品上摩擦,检查是否有颜色转移。

Exposure to Disinfectants: How does the fabric's surface, including color and gloss properties, perform after repeated exposure to cleaning agents?A method of disinfecting and examining fabric samples is used.


Light Stability: How resistant is a coated fabric to fading and degradation from sunlight (UV radiation)? A QUV unit or Weatherometer is used to assess this property. 


Volatility: Will materials volatilize from a coated fabric at elevated tempertures? Samples are heated in the presence of activated carbon, which will absorb any volatile components. Percent weight loss is measured.